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Darjeeling Upper Namring FTGFOP-1 Autumnal Flush 2017 (bio)


Cena:  155.00 Kč
210.00 Kč

An exclusive quality Premium autumn flush 2017 darjeeling tea plucked from the high elevation pure china bushes of this premium garden of Darjeeling.The dry leaves are high withered as a result of with the tea looks slighly greenish and has fair amounts of silver tips in it.The dry leaves gives out delicious aroma of dry fruits and sweet dry dates in this state.

When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives a golden orange liquor.Each sip is very smooth which reminds of dry fruits like almonds and roasted nuts, followed by hints of spices and leaves a light muscatel aftertaste on the palate. Cena je za 50 g.


Název: Darjeeling Upper Namring (SFTGFOP-1-china special), lot no. EX-289/17

Oblast: údolí Teesta okolo 1400 m n. m., Darjeeling, Indie

Doba sklizně: začátek listopadu 2017

Darjeeling Upper Namring FTGFOP-1 AF
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